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We care deeply about the people who build our products, and the ethical supply chain that our customers can be transparent and trust.

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vegan handbag
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vegan leather purses

Employee Working Hours Policies

Unforced Labor Policies

Social Responsibility Policies

Salary and Subsidy Policies

Mental and Physical Abuse Prohibited Policies

Employ Policies

Overtime Policies

Discrimination Against Policies

Association Freedom Policies

Child and Underage Workers Protection Policies

Prisoner Against Policies

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Planning Policies

Environmental Health and Safety Policies

Hazardous Chemicals Manage Policies

Collection of Laws and Regulations Program

Committee of Environmental Health and Safety Program

Environmental Health and Safety Policies

Employee RepresentativePolicies

Fire Equipment Manage Policies

Inductrial Injury Treatment Policies

Supplier and Subcontractor Evaluation Policies

Emergency Treatment Policies

Inductrial Injury Return Policies

New Mother Policies

Employee Complaint Policies

Water Conservation Regulations

View (PDF)

Cost Management Policies

View (PDF)

Trash Disposal Policies

Energy Conservation Regulations

View (PDF)

Internal Social Responsibility Audit Policies

View (PDF)

Solid Waste Manage Policies

First Aid Guide

View (PDF)

Environmental Accidents Contingency Plans

Body Fluids Cross Infection Prevent Policies

View (PDF)

List of Laws and Regulations

View (PDF)

Environmental Safety Manual

View (PDF)

Energy Reduction Plan

View (PDF)

Female Works Labor  Protection

View (PDF)

Employee Manual

View (PDF)

Sharp Tools Manage Policies

View (PDF)

Anti-Trafficking Program

View (PDF)

Risk Assessment Control of Infectious Disease

Confined Space Control Guideline

View (PDF)

Emergency Evacuation Plan

View (PDF)
View (PDF)

Supplier Manage Policies

View (PDF)

Working Space Temp Policies

View (PDF)

New Mothers and Pregnant Workers Policies

Management Review Guideline

View (PDF)
View (PDF)

Corrective and Preventive Actions Guideline

View (PDF)

Anti-Money Laundering Internal Control Policies

View (PDF)

Recycling Control Policies

Labor Protection Tools Policies

View (PDF)

Intellectual Property Protection Policies

View (PDF)

Sustainable Purchasing Management  Program

Environmental Supplier Selection and Management Policies

EHS Policies

Production Safety Management Policies

View (PDF)

Business Practices and Ethics Regulations

Anti-Unfair Competition Policies

View (PDF)

Harmful Energy Control Guidelines

Social Responsibility Basic Human Rights

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policies

Autron's Fiber Standards

2021 SMETA 4P Auditing Report

2021 GRS Scope Certificates

Product Environmental Report - Vegan Leather bags

T2 Supplier Code of Conduct

2024 OCS Scope Certificates

2022 SMETA 4P Auditing

2024 GRS & RCS Scope Certificates

2022 BSCI Auditing

Chemical Test Requirement

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Our Value

Sustainable & Ethical

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