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- Frequently Asked Questions -


How do I start a handbag sample?

Contact, our seniors will confirm the sample details with you and make the sample exactly you want.

How much the sample cost?

ODM Sample - $45

OEM Sample - $45-80

Long Term Customer - $0

How long can you send the sampling handbag?

Sample Leadtime (ODM) - Within 24 Hours

Sample Leadtime (Customize ODM) - Within 48 Hours

Sample Leadtime (OEM) - Within 72 Hours

Can I fully customize the sample?

Yes definitely. That's what our  R&D Department working for.


How do I start a order?

Contact, our seniors will confirm the order details with you.

Can I use your sample and put my logo on it?


Note: if the sample is already been used by our other customer we won't offer to any customer else anymore.

What's your payment terms?

30% deposit, balance at ship.

Minimum Order quantity?

200 pcs / color / style.

Note: We willing to grow up with potential brand together.

What if I don't happy with the sample?

We re-make and assume DHL shipping cost, normally you will happy with your sample as we do things concentrate and aesthetic.

Do you always has new design model to give me some new idea?

We have one R&D Department, one Creative Center and hired a Europe design studio to creative new design, more than 200  selected design to give our customer new bag inspiration. To view the model, please click our showroom section.

How you can proof my product are sustainable and recycled?

Can I have my own inspectors to your factory to ensure my product quality?

Yes we welcome! 

How long before my order ship?

Depends on your customize details. Our bag capacity is 3000 pcs each day, normally it takes 28 days to delivery.

What are your shipping methods and how long did they take?

Our seniors will handle all the shipping infos for you and discuss with you a most reasonable way to meet your time requirement. Normally by Air, by Sea, by Train.


What's your defected rate?

We do big effort to control the defect rate. Respectively are eradicate from Material Defected, Production Process Defected and Packing Defected. According to the 2017 statistics our overall defected rate are 1.8%-2%. Note: Before delivery, we will hire SGS to offcial sampling check to make sure all batch is qualified to delivery, the report will direct send to customer email as well.

What is your Quality warranty terms?

If batches not qualified we won't allow to delivery to customer. Prevent bad quality happens are always the troubless.

What is your delivery time warranty terms?

We understand how important the time affect sales performance. Everything will be according with Autron Production Schedule. If we delay the delivery schedule we will positive discuss solutions with you, not exclude assume the faster shipping fee. 

How many handbag can you make per month?

Currently 70K! And we are keep expanding our factory to 140K per month in 2019 - 2020.

With GRS and Transaction Certificates (TC) that shows the PO number on it. The order and material can be track officially.

How do I check the authenticity of this TC?

Simply download any QR Scanner at  any app store, use it to scan the QR code of the TC and on there you will be able to see if information shown matches that of the TC that you have received from us.

Except EXW, can you ship FOB?

Yes, we can do EXW, CIF, FOB shipping, our senior manager will help you arrange shipment. 

Do you have Prop 65 testing for the bags?

Yes, our product are able to pass Prop 65 on material / hardware. (Total lead and Phthalate)

Can I assign my own material supplier? You just help for production process?

Yes, that's acceptable. 

For More Question, Contact bulk@autron-ind, Our Seniors Will Answer You Immediately

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