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In-House Photographys

In-House Photographys Service

Now, when we delivery your handbag, we are also available to delivery high-resolutions bag photography! 


Many of our customer are compliant about the time schedule. Especially some e-commerce customer. From order place to show the product to their customer it normally will takes 60 days. it takes 25 days to produce their handbag, and another 30 - 40 days on the shipment. So, to let consumer can see the our product as soon as possible, we build our own in-hourse photography services team. They made up of professional photographers can add value to your website or marketing plan with high-resolution bag photography.

Our team of professional photographers has years of experience shooting handbags. During the process from design to production, our photographers will observe the whole process to capture the bags unique characteristic, with the right shooting placement and angel show it's engagement and highlight design details. professional, high-resolution photos are absolutely essential to making a positive first impression, and it save your time and energy with Autron.

Note: Available to up to 500 pcs order customer (Freely)

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