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Design & Trends
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new inspirations monthly
Except select styles in our online catalogue,we also providing up to 200 prospect styles monthly as design inspirations. If you don't have a design team, you can select and amended the prospect styles according our amended. Contact us to received the inspirations files.
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Strategy & Brand Building
We assist brands in defining their accessory collection strategy, either for a new launch or to revitalize a current collection. We immerse ourselves in your brand to fully grasp your challenges and provide consultancy that is single minded to your purpose.
Design & Trends
Our design, research and development department can assist you with trend forecasting, product design, fabric and trim development, and research and knowledge of what is currently popular in the retail and catwalk markets.

Design is the highest mode of creative expression, incorporating and utilising materials, inspiration, and esthetics cohesively for an applied purpose.

Trend forecasting is predicting and understanding the future needs, concerns, and wants of our customers. We develop product ranges that shape a picture of what the next season of clothing will look like. Knowing when to respond to trends and which trends to respond to are crucial to satisfying our customers.

Through forecasting we can understand the impact of a specific trend in advance so we can respond in a way that is right for brands and customers.
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