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Nature hemp dust bag
None-woven dust bag
Outer plastic bag
Biodegradable poly bag

Biodegradable Hemp Dust Bag

None-Woven Dust Bag

Outer Plastic Bag

USD 1 - 1.8




100% Sustainable Material Used

Instead of OPP bags and tape, LDPE plastic, and PVC protection film, we've switched to biodegradable plastic and biodegradable and paper tapes.

sustainable packaging

Biodegradable plastic

An eco-friendly material that was developed to decompose in 6 - 36months. It's made of 100% biodegradable resin, which is harmless to the environment, and naturally decomposes when discarded.

Dispose as compost.

Biodegradable tape

An eco-friendly material that was developed to decompose within within 2-5 years. The adhesive is certified by the FDA to be safely used in packing and transporting.

Dispose as gereral paper.

Paper box

Cardboard is one of the easiest and most environmentally effective materials to recycle since the fibre in cardboard has already been processed.

Dispose as gereral paper.

Dispose as gereral paper.