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Recycled Polyester Swatches

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Recycled polyester processes.
Full set of recycled polyester digtial color swatches card.

Digital Swatches Library

Recycled Polyester

Full set of recycled polyester mesh digtial color swatches card.

Recycled Polyester

Digital Swatches Library

Full set of bluesigh recycled polyester digtial color swatches card.

bluesign® fabrics

Digital Swatches Library

Recycled polyester

Since 2017, all of our handbags have been lined using fabric made from recycled water bottles and we use recycled polyester instead of virgin polyester throughout our collections whenever possible. 

Currently, the polyester we use is made out of recycled plastic water bottles, which is what the vast majority of the recycled polyester around world is made from. To date this has been the only commercial option available to us, however we are seeking and supporting new technologies that will enable us, and the fashion industry, to recycle polyester fabrics back into fabrics. Only 1% of textiles are currently recycled back into textiles² and we believe that it is time for the fashion industry to deal with its own waste.

It is our goal to only use recycled polyester by 2023 because the technology we need to reach this point is not yet available to us in a sustainable and circular way.


Note: Transaction Certificates with your PO number will be provided if using recycled materials.

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