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Our Values

Design for the Environment

designing our products with consideration for their environmental impact remains a central corporate strategy.

handbag design for environmental

The toxins and what we've done about them.

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Replaced with safer polyurethane or recycled leather. But PVC are still use by other factories in cheaper materials.

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Phased out of hardware (including zipper, puller, locker.,etc) in 2017.

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In 2018. We use efficient, nickel-free hardware instead of nickel - based in all our hardware.

Sustainable Everywhere

Biodegradable Packaging

As Autron Leather continues its "Journey toward Sustainability," designing our vegan handbag with consideration for their environmental impact remains a central corporate strategy. Our long-term emphasis on product durability, innovation, and quality demonstrates that our company has effectively designed for the environment for decades.
Our focus now is on maintaining our high standards while incorporating increasingly more environmentally sustainable materials, features, and manufacturing processes into new product designs. Our Design for the Environment (DfE) team, which is responsible for developing environmentally sensitive design standards for new and existing Autron products, has initiated a protocol to guide this effort. One of our design tenets is durability. We design for repeated use, repair, maintenance, and reassembly using standard parts, as often as possible.
We evaluate new product designs in four key areas:
  • Material Chemistry and Safety of Inputs—What chemicals are in the materials we specify, and are they the safest available?

  • Disassembly—Can we take products apart at the end of their useful life to recycle their materials?

  • Recyclability—Do the materials contain recycled content, and more importantly, can the materials be recycled at the end of the product's useful life?

  • LCA—Have we optimized the product based on the entire lifecycle?

Our commitment to designing for the environment extends beyond a single token product to incorporate a comprehensive, holistic approach. All future Autron products will be evaluated within the rigors of our DfE Protocol. During the new model design process, the team meets with the designers and supplier to review material chemistry, disassembly and recyclability as well as incoming packaging, and potential waste generation.

By looking closely at these and related issues, as well as conducting rigorous durability testing, our goal is to ensure that all new Autron products will help our customer create great working environments, while also respecting and protecting our natural environment.

Our Value

Sustainable & Ethical

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