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Our Values

Our Values

Operational Excellence

Our commitment to operational excellence is a reflection of our strongly held values and our history of innovation.

Operational Excellence

We know our customers' needs aren't confined to the work environment; they're concerned with the reliability of every aspect of their relationship with Autron Leather Industry. To address these concerns, we continually apply innovative practices and technologies, shorten their delivery time and cost. and guarantee perfect quality at the same time.

Autron handbag zipper quality
Autron handbag factory qualified sew machine

Raw material Supplier System

We now have digital, real-time transactions between Autron factory and its suppliers, and all plants are geared to produce orders for individual customers. Our ERP system coordinates sites, parts, people, and equipment across all facilities. The results of our operational reinvention have been extraordinary, and the journey has only begun.


Innovation results from thoughtful research into the complexities of our customers' needs, exploration into materials and processes, and designs responding to social and economic trends in the global market. Of course a designer adds his or her inspiration to the mix. 

Another aspect of innovation--risk-taking--is just as important. Autron tries to maintain its appetite for risk. As we have grown larger and become responsible for more equity, the pressure to minimize risk has mounted. Nevertheless, getting behind promising new products--that sometimes become innovations--remains a risk we are happy to embrace.

Autron handbag factory's sampling depoartment

Employees Ownership

Autron handbag factory employee

In 2012, Autron instituted a formal program of participative management. As an important corollary, Autron instituted an employee stock ownership program in 2015. Today all Autron employees with two year of service are entitled to own stock in the company. As of July 2018, about 6 percent of all outstanding shares in the Autron were held by employee-owners.

Employee-owners carefully monitor and know how their roles contribute to our quality and daily reliability score—a score measuring our quality and service performance against customer expectations. Each month every employee reviews the numbers, particularly our EVA performance, a measure of our contributions to the long-term value of the company. We are owners, we think like owners, and we share in the fortunes of the business, like owners. We also work hard to understand our opportunities for long-term profitability and growth.

Our Value

Sustainable & Ethical

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