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Sustainable Approach


High-impact materials are our highest priority.

Autron uses many materials. To determine which to tackle first, we research and create Material Impact profiles. They break down the environmental, social and supply impacts of each material. As a result, we're prioritizing recycled polyester, nylon, recycled leather, polyurethane, zinc, biodegradable plastic and hemp. In 2019 these efforts will prevent our supply chain making more than 900 tons of pollute waste.

Recovering more materials more effectively.

Most of lining material we currently use are recycled polyester (rPet), recycled nylon and recycled cotton, this is a material that made by recover plastic bottles. The more materials we recover, the more we can rescue and recycled.


Innovating ways to use recovered and renewable materials.

Sometimes recovered scrap just isn't good enough to meet our quality standards. So we will development with our supplier to solve the problem, at the same time bring down the cost to let it can be particular use and accept by market.


We're exhaustively mapping the materials we purchase.

We evaluating everything that goes into our products. It starts to creating an extensive inventory of the substances used to manufacture them. That means as a supplier, we are looking at our suppliers too. We're working closely with our suppliers to construct a detailed map of the chemicals that make up our materials.

We evaluate chemicals for risks to your health, and the planet's.

Autron's Regulated Substances Specification is a comprehensive list of restricted chemicals that goes beyond regulations requirements. To keep the toxic chemicals out of our product, we closely work with environmental testing lab, the testing including simulate the interaction between your skin and materials that touch it.


Inventing ways to replace bad substances with good ones.

If there's a potentially harmful substance in materials, we will replace it with something safer. We trying to replaced PVC to PU on our body material, Lead and Nickel is a toxic metal, we replaced it with new electroplate way to reach lead and nickel free hardware, as well as the replace from traditional toxic glue to environmental water base glue.

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Our Value

Sustainable & Ethical

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