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Let's talk about edge painting.

Ok, first of all, what is painted oil made by?

Painted oil is a colored liquid material which made by polyurethane resin, polyvinyl chloride or waterborne polyacrylic resin. Polyurethane is a new organic polymer material. Polyvinyl Chloride, which is PVC, everybody knows that. And waterborne acrylic resin is the main components of waterborne painted on the market.

A good painted oil should be:

  1. Excellent fluidity and film formation。

  2. Fast drying ability, high shielding and sealing.

  3. Eco-friendly with non-toxic.

  4. Resistant high temp without melting, low temp without burst.

Painting oil
Painting oil

We always see some supplier they just can't achieve the good painting quality, except the painted material they use will influence the quality, the process of painted and craftsmanship will also influence the handbag painting quality.

So how it works when Autron sampling painting process?

Step 1- Leveling the edge

👉 If you don't leveling the edge, you can't get a great smooth edge.

Along the edge and cut the ledge by using specific knife, that is important part for next few step of polish a great smooth edge.

👉 If there are fibers at the edges of the leather makes edges hairy.

Use ironer to the edge to make it flatter.

Step 2- Start painting

After finish leveling, we start to painting.

Take some painted oil on awl tip by using awl, not dripping as appropriate. Starting from the tip of the awl, scrape the oil and pushing it in a specific direction toward the edge of leather. If the oil are not cover the middle of leather edge, then gently move the tip on the whole edge to let the oil evenly covered.

The conclusion on this step is: scrape it by the right angle.

handbag tag painting
handbag tag painting

Painting handbag edge
Painting edge

Step 3- Sanding

After painting, needs to wait until is fully dry.

If the edge are still not smooth, we will use #2 (300 mesh) sand paper to sanding. It can remove the most unevenness when first time painting.

Then we painting again and wait until its fully dry, we use #3 or #4 (800 / 2000 mesh) sand paper to sanding. (No fixed require of sand paper mesh, all needs to depend on actual situations.)

Sanding it until have perfect result, gently tap the edge by using oil sponge.


Edge leveling - Hot edge - Oil on awl painting - #1 sanding - oil on awl painting - #2 sanding - oil on awl painting - #3#4 sanding - tap edge by oil sponge.

handbag front flat painting
handbag front flat painting

crossbody bag painting

handbag side edge painting

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