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Handbag Painting's Q&A

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Q: Why in the oil edge process, it is better to use the bottom step as the bottom fill?

A: Because of base oil, special bridge as the main purpose for the formula design, it has excellent filling and polished, and quality guaranteed, and if made the bottom edge oil fill and level up, filling effect is poor, and the high cost.

Q: Why should the bottom oil be thoroughly polished before the top layer of the oil edge?

A: Enhance its adhesion; Edge oil has a strong collapsibility, if the bottom oil is uneven, then after the edge oil coating, the effect of coating film flatness is poor.

Q: What is the standard for thorough polishing of bottom oil?

A: 1. 450 corners to see without trachoma. 2. It's like frosted glass.

Q: What is the standard for the number of oil pass?

A: A layer should be completely filled or highlighted. That is, through grinding can get the smooth effect.

Q: Why side oil ratio and thickness after the finished product, non-professionals cannot change at will.

A: Different side oil has different dilution system and different solid content. If the use of unmatched thinner or thickener, it will affect the side oil cross-linking reaction, resulting in insufficient hardness, non - drying, film cracking and other problems.

Q: When side oil is dispensing, why to emphasize the proportion that presses requirement?

A: The side oil ratio is a professional and accurate formula developed. The ratio should be strictly controlled. If add more curing agent, side oil will be brittle and burst easily. When the oil edge is easy to produce bubbles, matt gloss on the high side. If less curing agent side oil hardness is not enough, poor scratch resistance, slow dry or even dry.

Q: Why solid color side oil allocation cannot use color essence?

A: Because there are color edge match ratio have standard color essence, oil, and the main components of the color concentrate is paint, do not have film and weatherability, if the color to use color essence in allocate, then mix oil color concentrate ratio exceeds bid, the edge of the edge oil color fastness to reduce resistance, known as the influence of the oil level of dry wet wipe. Affect coloring power

Q: When painting, why need stir it thoroughly?

A: Edge oil is a mixture of resins, pigments, solvents, etc. It's not a solution. The pigment in between, the actinous powder in the actinic resin and so on are dispersed in the solution. Therefore, there is usually a certain degree of subsidence in the storage process, forming the usual boundary oil stratification. So the side oil should be thoroughly stirred before mixing. (the side oil that must be stirred is: matt side oil, medium smooth side oil, hand rub oil, belt oil.)

Q: How do you view the yellowing resistance of side oil?

A: Oil yellowing is a characteristic of oil, not a disease. So the yellowing of the oil is relative, not absolute. In the polyurethane type of edge oil, its resistance to yellowing will slow it down, if properly maintained, its yellowing will not be very strong.

Q: How does air humidity affect paint quality?

A: The air humidity will affect the film forming time of the edge oil, and the film forming time will lead to a change in the fullness of the edge oil. The air humidity is high, and the film forming time of edge oil is long. However, the overall drying time of the edge oil lengthens, causing some impact on the subsequent polishing. The air is dry, and the film forming time of the edge oil is short, which will lead to the film forming quickly and the edge oil after the film forming will have the crooked "worm crawling trace". For example, in guangzhou, high-quality edge oil manufacturers will adjust the film forming time of edge oil in different seasons to adapt to the air humidity at that time and give the best display of edge oil.

Q: Why bubble, pinhole when oil edge painting?


1. Phenomenon: many large and small bubbles first appear on the surface of the coating, and then the bubbles break or are grinded when the paint film is grinded, forming small holes with dense hemp like pinholes.

2. reason: coating with gas (solvent vapour, the expansion of the water vapor, air or other gas can blend into the paint, such as carbon dioxide, and so on) breakthrough coating summoned the formation of air bubbles, which burst or torn form the pinhole. When the dry speed of the coating surface is slightly higher than that of the inside, bubbles will break through the coating surface when the surface has started to coagulate and the internal solvent or air is still evaporating. This is related to the following situations: the edge oil has high viscosity, once coated thick, leather products are more xuan, and the hole filling is not solid and contains air; The temperature difference between the edge oil and the coated surface is too large. Improper use of diluent, excessive addition of curing agent or wrong curing agent; Overtemperature or relative humidity of coating environment; If the coating is not completely dry, it will be applied to the coating, and the coating will dry rapidly. When using heating drying coating (stamping edge processing), the temperature is too high, let stand before coating heating time is not enough, not fully volatile solvent, oil itself into the air bubbles, not eliminate the bubble when stirred, and so on.

3. Elimination method: check the process conditions of oil edge for the above reasons, adjust the appropriate viscosity of oil edge, and apply appropriate amount of diluent and curing agent to control the coating thickness; Fill holes and sand on the edge of the skin to eliminate pollution; Improve working environment, control suitable temperature and humidity; Lengthen the repainting time to make the bottom layer dry enough;

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