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Leather cutting process standard

Check whether leather is consistent with the correct model, delimit to typesetting, according to the paper's size, shape, and the requirement of the cortex, placement of paper, do first open long and short, first, to open small size, the principle of reasonable collocation, the appropriate skin on for its location, improve the utilization rate of the skin, open cut good leather surface texture, color matching the color, can't have obvious grain, flower trace and sand hole, leather face wrinkle free, no fading, not a nail marks, flower trace phenomenon such as mark of the knife mold. The cover, front, back, side skin and cross head should be in line, and the skin surface should be free of cracks, flowers, root scar, knife scar, loose grain, beef tendon and spots, and the grain color should be consistent.

Process standards for in-feed auxiliary materials:

A) the material name, specification and color of the material must be checked carefully before opening the material.

B) the material must be cut in accordance with the required pattern.

C) for materials with color difference, separate color matching blanking shall be required. The finished parts shall be separately opened and marked to avoid unnecessary confusion during production.

D) when blanking, the material surface shall be flat and straight without creases or rolls, and the number of blanking layers shall not exceed the number of prescribed layers to avoid deformation of the tool die.

E) in the course of blanking, it is necessary to check frequently whether the parts that have been washed out have drawn yarn, loose edges, and deformation of the parts and tool dies.

F) pay attention to the wear degree of the beer plate when punching the parts that need to be changed, so as to avoid the lace and deformation of the parts that need to be washed out.

Pressure mark: before the pressure mark, it is necessary to carefully check whether the parts and position of the pressure mark are correct, and the position of the pressure mark should be accurate. The temperature and strength of the mark shall be moderate, the LOGO design font shall be complete and clear, and the depth and depth of the LOGO design font shall be balanced, no pressure and no shadow, etc.

Blade: shovel leather when the thickness of the leather and bag type varies, adjust the shovel control order process requirement of thickness and width, required thickness of shovel is consistent, uniform width, leather bottom not wavy and uneven phenomenon.

Generally, the handbag is provided with a 3-8 inch diagonal shovel, with a thin corner, a 3/8 inch flat folding shovel, a 5-16 inch diagonal shovel for silver bag, a 5/16 inch diagonal shovel for inner case and a 3/8 inch for large side.

Need a shovels parts according to the hardness of the cortex, to determine the thickness of the shovels, under normal circumstances, the shoulder belt ear, arm in arm ear over 1.4 mm, 0.4 mm collet chaff skin paper, nylon, silver bag bedding face is 1.5 mm, stick a skin in 0.8 mm, inside leather bag boy 1.0 mm, stick a skin in 0.6 mm.


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