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SS23 women bags insight - PART I

Bags focus on comfort with easy to carry styles that hug the body and bring softness to the accessory wardrobe. Weaving in themes of artisanal crafting, and sustainability through longevity, quality and upcycling, seasonal designs reflect the values and messages key to new consumer mindsets.

The Soft Leather Bag

Consumer desire for comfort sees a softening of leather accessories. Unstructured and relaxed bag silhouettes in supple, buttery handled skins gently mould to the contours of the body. Voluminous bag bodies are lightweight and easy to carry whilst still making a style statement. Hardware is minimal, keeping lines unfussy and soft whilst subtle polish and intrecciato woven constructions enhance the sense of luxury artisanship.

Cosy Craft

The DIY and crafting techniques taken on by designers and consumers inspires artisanal bag constructions made by hand. Cosy comfort remains at the fore with soft hand knits and padded upcycled fabric offcuts interwoven into plumptious bag bodies. Velveteen and woolly finishes enhance the sensory feel whilst chunky proportions retain a lightweight easy to carry appeal through careful material selection.

Clean Ergonomic Forms

For consumers seeking longevity, clean-lined, minimalistic bags in contemporary neutral tones transcend the trend cycle. Self-colour seaming and integrated handles give the look of a single piece construction. Smooth, rounded, ergonomic shapes and curvaceous, moulded structures are designed to fit the hand, shoulder, or arm comfortably with proportions that range from statement to compact.

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