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(Part one) Let's talk about COLORS!

In this post, Autron design team will share color scheme for you guys!


Part One

  • Solid Color impression

  • Through color combination to have different effects on bags..

Part Two

  • Choose color by according customer's occupation.

  • Color scheme of character.

Solid Color Impression

1. Red

Enthusiasm, Excitement, Energy, Jealousy, Pressure, Love, Vitality, Passion, Anger, Danger, Gorgeous, Brilliant, Spicy, Hot, Aggressive, Violent, Stimulating.

2. Orange

Active, Joy, Harvest, Health, Dynamic, Warm, Cheerful, Bright, Close, Secure, Simple, Human Nature, Hysterical, Noisy.

3. Lime

Hope, Future, Happiness, Purity, Knowledge, Authority, Childish, Vigilance, Concentration, Bright, Healthy, Humorous, Generous, Prosperous, Informal.

4. Bambou

Natural, Harmonious, Balanced, Peaceful, Healing, Fresh, Comfortable, Fair, Safe, Healthy, Genial, Honest, Not Natural, Relaxed, Young.

5. Blue Hydra

Stable, Calm, Refreshing, Knowledge, Male, Melancholy, Refreshing, Trust, Calm, Honest, Successful.

6. Pink

Lovely, Happy, Beautiful, Love, Female, Soft, Beautiful, Romantic, Warm, Happiness, Sweet.

7. Ultraviolet

Noble, Beautiful, Graceful, Luxurious, Sexy, Mysterious, Elegant, Noble, Dignity, Heart, Capable.

8. Noir

Formal, Serious, Substantial, Dignified, Fashionable, Rich, Advanced Sense, Mysterious, Thick.

9. Blanc

Purified, Clean, Simple, True, Just, Kind, Peaceful, Limpid, Pure, Victorious, Without Dirt.

Through color combination to have different effects on bags.

Color combination basically in 2 types.

1. Harmonious effect by single or similar type of colors.

2. Contrast colors to create the effect of color differences. The following shows several color effects.

1. Same hue color scheme.

Present the oneness, if not the same hue, similar type of colors can also have similar effect like below. Example: BLEU AZTEQUE + BLEU HYDRA + BLEU PARADIS

2. Similar type of color scheme.


3. Accent color scheme.

Trying to match with accent color in similar type of color scheme, which can highlight the point. Example: ROUGE PIVOINE + NOIR + ROUGE TOMATE

4. Unnatural color scheme.

Decrease warm color lightness, then increases cool color lightness. Example: GRIS TOURTERELLE + FEU + ETOUPE

5. The contrasting hue.

Color purity contrast. Example: CANOPEE + VERT ANGLAIS

Brightness contrast. Example: FEU + TRENCH

Hue contrast. Example: LIME + BLEU HYDRA

6. 3 colors matching & 2 color matching.

Strong contrast effect by matching high purity contrast color.

3 colors matching. Example: NOIR + VERMILLON + LIME

2 color matching. Example: ROUGE TOMATE + BLANC

7. Color scheme with floating feeling.

Repeatedly appear with rule by two kinds or more colors to make color harmonious.


Color scheme in actual bag design.

Appropriate color matching will highlight the bag design, and we always choose the color matching in the actual production according to our customer's branding position, including gender of their consumer, age, and where or how they use it. If you choose the color according to your personal preference, you might ignore the feelings of your consumer. Below we show some color matching from gender, age, season, temperature, weight sense, etc for your reference.

1. Gender color scheme.

Generally, gentlemen will always use cool colors to express themselves, like Blue; And ladies will always use warm color to express, like red. Deep colors such as dark to express the male; And frivolous tonal will express female.

(1) Male color scheme. Example: COBALT + ARDOISE + BLEU ROI

(2) Male color scheme 2. Example: MALACHITE + GLOD + VERT VERONESE

(3) Female color scheme. Example: ROUGE GRENAT + LIPSTICK + ROUGE CASAQUE

(4) Female color scheme 2. Example: ROSE CONFETTI + CIEL 7GEV + GRIS PERLE

2. Age color scheme.

We can choose different colors to match the age of the consumer. Use overall hue to show age-appropriate color schemes. Generally, the younger will choose colors with higher lightness and purity hue. Older will fit for darker hue.

(1) Baby color scheme. Example: ROSE SAKURA + BLANC + BLEU ATOLL

(2) Children color scheme. Example: ROUGE TOMATE + CUMIN + BLEU HYDRA

(3) Adult color scheme. Example: ETAIN + RUBIS + BLEU INDIGO

(4) Old people color scheme. Example: BLEU THALASSA + ROSE THE + CANOPEE

3. Season color scheme

(1) Spring color scheme. Example: ROSE SAKURA + LIME + TURQUOISE

(2) Summer color scheme. Example: BLEU ELECTRIQUE + BLEU ATOLL + SOLEIL

(3) Fall color scheme. Example: MOUTARDE + ETOUPE + TRENCH

(4) Winter color scheme. Example: GRIS PERLE + BLEU JEAN + BLEU GLACIER

4. Temp color scheme

Warm colors have priority in visual recognition, and cool colors can show more contraction than the visual effect.

(1) Warm color scheme. Example: CARAMEL + FEU + LIME

(2) Cool color scheme. Example: BLEU LIN + BLEU PARADIS + GRIS PERLE

5. Weight color scheme

Generally, dark colors makes people feels heavy. Specially the noir and the color close to noir. But white and the color close to white looks lighter. A variety of dark hue collocation will have more intense of heavy, a variety of light color collocation will express downy and melting feeling.

(1) Heavy color scheme. Example: PLOMB + CUIVRE + VERT FONCE

(2) Light color scheme. Example: BLEU GLACIER + CRAIE SW + GLYCINE

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