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100 % of our raw material factories are paying their workers a living wage, on average.

We kept 38 tons of plastic waste out of the world's oceans this year by turning to use recycled polyester. 

Recycled polyester bags lining.

100 % of our lining is from GRS and OEKO certified yarns.

Organic cotton

88 % of our raw  material is certified to the Global Recycled Standard.

90% of our product share uses recycled materials

An recycled polyester 600D fabric with branding logo.

We recycled 138 millions plastic bottles to made our bags.

We built 63 sustainable capsule collection with customers in 2022.

Better environment carbon foot print.

95% of customers decided to replace regular materials to our sustainable materials gradually.

An quality inspection ladie behind the camera.

150+ workers are supported by Sedex Fair Trade program.

An biodegradable plastic bags.

We use 5,798,590 biodegradable PLA packaging to instead plastic poly bag.


What Makes Product Special

Our Foot Print

Special Techniques


Recycled Nylon

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Cactus Leather

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Recycled PU page cover, vegan pettern.

Recycled Vegan Leather

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Recycled cotton page cover.

Recycled Cotton Canvas

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Sustainable & Recycled Fabrics

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Bag Designs

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Autron's sustianable value, 2 man holding a planet.

Sustainable Apporach


Design Service


Organic Cotton Canvas

Coated Technique


Recycled Polyester

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sustainable production process.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to people and the planet doesn't end at our factory and supply chain. We seek to be an example for other factories to follow to accelerate fashion industry wide change. Our work will never be done because we believe that if we aren't finding ways to improve, we aren't looking hard enough.


Ethical & Sustainability

Autron customers are from over the world. We work with our customers and suppliers, from design to recycling, to verify that customers' requirements are being met for the people and communities in the supply chain. 


We care deeply about the people who build our products, and the ethical supply chain that our customers can be transparent and trust.

On the resources, Autron handbag manufacturer put the planet's limited materials to good use and reuse. Some of the most innovative thinking at Autron goes toward producing fashion with recycled and renewable materials, making sure those products last as long as possible, and recovering everything by our suppliers and bring them to new production. By keeping materials in circulation, we get closer to ending our material on wastes. And when we waste nothing, that will truly be a success to our customers as well.







Creat To The Last

Autron operate manufacturing facilities Guangdong Province locating in Guangzhou. Our manufacturing facilities are strategically located in the Guangdong province in order to benefit from access to the well-established transport and logistics infrastructure, as well as raw material suppliers.


We have an in-house creative and an R&D department that collaborate with our leading international high-end brand customers in their product development process. Our in-house creative department is responsible for the production of prototypes from design concepts, while our R&D Center is responsible for researching and implementing manufacturing technology. These two department are involved in each product we produce and work closely together to design, research and develop private label handbags and small leather goods for a well-known chain store in the Europe, United States, Australia and Vietnam.  Many of department experts have significant industry experience, which enhances our ability to collaborate with our customers in their product development process.  We also engage a design team from a design studio based in Europe to provide design concepts to us from time to time for our consideration and use.



From Material To Test Report

At Autron, We want our final customer to use handbag we produce for years, even decades, to come. That’s why we source the finest materials and raw material factories for our timeless products.  


We possess in-depth expertise and know-how in the craftsmanship of high-end handbag, with an efficient and stable chain management system and lean production practices. ​Semi-product factory report and third part inspection report are available on every purchases to avoid error occurs and established track record.


We always learn from our customers, from every corporation we sum up the experience and keeping optiomize to make sure next production will always more excellent, even there is 0.1%, we willing to do this.