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Recycled Fur & Wool Swatches

Collect well-worn cashmere and wool sweaters through recycling programs - then wash and comb them into new yarns. which are then blended with a virgin core fiber for extra sterength and longevity.

Recycled fur for bags color swatch card.

Recycled Fur

Recycled wool for bags color swatch card.

(For Surface)

Recycled Wool

(For Surface)

Online Swatches


Online Swatches


Recycled wool

Recycled wool has been used in European textiles for hundreds of years. We get our recycled wool from both pre-consumer sources, such as factory scraps, and postconsumer ones. Once we collect the wool, our supplier sorted it by color and mechanically shred the fibers so they can be respun into new yarn. Most of our recycled wool is blended with recycled polyester to increase the length of the fibers we use to create the yarn. At 2021 we are starting using more and more recycled wool to make our bags, but we’re still limited in the diversity of products we offer due to the limited yarn size and blend.

Recycled wool is becoming a vital part of our fall winter bags category, and we’re developing ways to expend its articles amount as well. Our goal is to expand the diversity of styles using recycled wool.

A man processing recycled wool.

Note: Transaction Certificates will be only available for up to 4000 yards. (500 yards per color)

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