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Materials: MIRUM®️


Lining: Organic Cotton


Hardware: Light Gold


Size (cm): L19 x D7 x H11


Long strap: No


Pocket: 1


Pouch: No


Weight: 0.4kg


Stitches: DTM


Painting Edge: DTM

Prototype - A8652 MIRUM®️

Colors: Customize by Swatch
  • A8652 are internal sustainable materials test prototype.

    The craftsmanship of MIRUM® prioritises the local communities and environments by only utilising natural, local ingredients, in turn enhancing local biodiversity and regenerating soil systems. 

    Durable and responsibly made, MIRUM® has an extremely low carbon footprint – significantly lower than conventional leather and its synthetic alternatives. The nutrients used in MIRUM® are 100% plant-based and are naturally abundant and renewable. It requires no tanning and is derived from all-natural inputs. 

  • This model accept customize logo, materials, hardware, lining or anything you want.

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