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Materials: Recycled Bio-Base Bamboo Polyurethane


Lining: Organic Cotton


Hardware: Light Gold


Size (cm): L19 x D7 x H11


Long strap: No


Pocket: 1


Pouch: No


Weight: 0.4kg


Stitches: DTM


Painting Edge: DTM

Prototype - A8652 Bamboo

Colors: Customize by Swatch
  • A8652 are internal sustainable materials test prototype.

    Bamboo cultivation requires no chemicals and uses very little water. Bamboo absorbs more CO2 than other trees. It is the world’s fastest-growing plant, and it is also highly renewable. Made by the Bamboo base, that's connected to nature, durable, sleek, and make from the most renewable raw materials on earth. Biodegradable water base bamboo dregs leather mean through recycled and processed produe bio-based water base by the waste of bamboo.

  • This model accept customize logo, materials, hardware, lining or anything you want.

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