Working with Retailer & Wholesaler

Working with Retailer & Wholesaler

We offer the flexibility for our customer to chose from a number of different handbag business models (including that of an agent, importer, wholesaler). This unique model enables us to work with any type of customer from retailer brands to wholesaler, whether they they quality/design & deliver speed prefer or cost prefer, and whether they sell online, offline or multi-channel, and under any type of partnership.

From any type of handbag, at the heart of our business is a passion to produce beautiful and qualified handbag that enhance the fashion lives and experience of consumers around the world.

Enabling speed

With some of retails and wholesales biggest successes build of speed, speed is a critical part of our strategy. Our aim is to helping our retailer & wholesaler customers reduce production lead times and increase speed-to-market. This means making decisions closer to time to market, giving them quick response to fast fashion trends, improved inventory control and decreased mark down – all with the aim of improving profitability.

See how we are working to enable a speedier handbag production cycle as illustrated below, taking the handbag industry average of 13 weeks and slashing it 58% to 7.5 weeks.

Autron handbag factory's production speed

Retailing & Others

Autron has experienced working with top retailer brand in United States and Europe area. Therefore, our team have worked with our retailer brand customers to make sure the last link of the supply chain are all perfect. Which includes...


Goods In-warehouse & In-store

- In-warehouse & In-store delivery schedule. We control and save our customer warehouse stocking fee by calculate the right delivery time and inland transport time. According with customer's planning, to meet customer's sales time and cooperate with customer sales planning.

Promotional Support & Sales Strategy

- We according our experienced in United States and Europe market, advise our suggestion by combine this kind of handbag's promotion pricing scheme, display shelf...etc (Mainly work with SM customer)

Advertising & Visual Merchandising

- We advise and  cooperate with our customer on first time with perfect handbag sample, so that our customer can arrange high resolution handbag picture, advertising poster on first time.


- The final link