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From Jan of 2017, we start thinking our society roles and what we can do to with our responsibility. We decide start from our employees and surrounding environment to exert ourself. 

Care For Employees

Legal Employing

Autron signed the labor contract with all our employees on terms to the government labor law. and set up 4 terms for our emplyees.

1. Purchase national legal social insurance for employees.

2. Set up relief fund for employees, provide projection relief for emplyees who ar will or in extreme poverty.

3. Set up mutual fund for employees.

4. Set up employee's immediate family fund. Extent Autron responsibility to our employees family.

Packing employee Mr Zhou and his social insurance card - Autron

Salary and Welfare

Employees who work overtime during normal times, weekends and national holidays can be paid overtime according to the corresponding standards. The hard work of the staff can be paid handsomely, outstanding staff with outstanding contributions still have the opportunity to enjoy the rights offering and other treatment.

Workpalce and Employee Safety Protection Measures

1. The Group stringently adheres to its Occupational Health and Hygiene Policy to create a safe and healthy working environment devoid of injuries, illnesses and incidents.

2. In May 2015, we received the “Special Award for Outstanding Health and Safety Staff” and "Outstanding Company Award” from the Huadu District Government.

3. Industrial Safety: Providing real-time information on typhoons and other natural disasters. We also provides crisis management training to employees to reinforce the factory’s crisis prevention systems.

4. Safety Regulation and Fire Systems Management: ensured the maintenance of safety and prevention equipment with 99.5% of equipment rated as being in exception condition across campuses. An Industrial Security Cloud was also built to ensure software, hardware and management mechanisms are in place at each campus. In addition to deploying infra-red thermographic devices to monitor operations of electronic equipment, comprehensive training in infra-red thermal imaging is also conducted for a dedicated team. The 14-person team will conduct regular checks and tests to resolve any issues in a timely manner, effectively minimizing the risk of fire-related incidents.

5. Occupational Hygiene: As set forth in our annual safety and health management program, factory carries out regular sampling as part of a critical assessment of chemical and physical hazards in all company premises. The results of these tests verified our compliance with relevant regulations and legal standards. In addition, to protect from occupational diseases and ensure the welfare of employees, the Group also acts in accordance with industry laws and best practices to prevent injury, physical assault, exposure of pregnant employees to potential harmful or dangerous work, and overwork.

Employees in career lession - Autron

Employees Education And Development

The more powerful labour are under educations. In 2017, we began to offer our factory employees variety of education and training course to help them create their own future. These courses can help them purse undergraduate or junior college degrees, and also include profession, languages, crafts and basic life skill courses.

Emotional Care

Autron care about the physical and mental health of our employees. We have regular physical examination for them every year and relieve their psychological pressure regularly to maintain their mental health, prevent various mental diseases and promote their healthy growth.

Care For Environment

We ait to conduct our handbag business in harmony with the environment. As such, our policies include the following:

We place emphasis on pollution management and control procedures, including plant operation and maintenance procedures, in the training of our personnel.

We have an environmental management policy covering all waste streams and production cycles.

Employees trip 2010 - Autron

Autron Leather Industry

Energy Efficiency

To promote energy efficiency, Autron set up energy conservation committee. In order to eliminate all possible energy waste and strengthen the awareness of energy conservation of all employees, the unit has established a practical and effective comprehensive environmental protection inspection system. In addition, Autron is also introducing advanced energy-saving technologies in lighting, stitch equipment and production line to promoting effective energy-saving measures.

Emissions Reduce

Reduce industrial "three wastes" emissions is the obligation of enterprises and the social responsibility we must bear. Autron has actively responded to the national environmental policy by implementing emission reduction measures. Every year, Autron's waste water, waste gas, hazardous waste and leather hardware waste recycling and treatment are in line with relevant national laws and regulations.


Autron not only strives to realize the greening of the working and living environment of the factory, and pursues the harmonious coexistence of human and nature, but also introduces the concept of greening into handbag production, which requires the realization of environmental protection and ecological design in the bags development and design stage, to ensure the handbag green, healthy, vegan, non-toxic and harmless.


Recycling is a key focus of Autron's environmental efforts. The biggest characteristic of recycling is resource conservation and waste recycling, which not only takes the reduction of unit output resource consumption as the means to achieve generalized energy conservation, but also can prevent pollution from the source and the whole process to achieve minimization and harmlessness of waste discharge.

Autron Select energy efficiency equipment

Emissions reduce equipment by Autron

Prop 65 tested - Autron

As a social responsible handbag factory, we adhering to the "prevention and control of pollution, and waste reduction, continuous provide conforms to the environmental protection products, save energy and protect the earth, pragmatic management" green enterprise's environmental policy, strictly abide by environment protection laws and regulations and customer requirements, corporate environmental responsibility into the enterprise culture and values of the effective control of raw materials, process, delivery and so on each link, and through continuous improvement activities continuously improve product quality, to ensure that the product does not contain restrictions on the use of the material provided, at the same time promote the upstream suppliers to the transformation of the green supply chain

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