• Autron Indusry

What brings customer with a our powerful supply chain management?

Why we keeping development and optimization our supply chain, the main reasons is we needs to offer our customer the best overall cost and the most flexible order quantity. We deliver the Right Product in the Right Time with Right Quantity, Right Quality and Right Statue to Right Place. Every process in the period of PO are important, that's why we builded the supply chain system with our suppliers to make each process RIGHT and PERFECT to our customer.

In the next of 2017, our supply chain teams will bring customers:

  • Stable customer demands and understanding

  • Update production process quality

  • Update accessories process quality

  • Update accessories material quality

  • Lower down 15% production cost

  • Increase the reaction speed of PO deliver schedule

  • Increase the fixability of OEM orders, lower down minimum order quantity to 50 pcs.

  • More factory capital resource on R&D design