• Autron Indusry


We operate manufacturing facilities Guangdong Province locating in Huadu. Our manufacturing facilities are strategically located in the Guangdong province in order to benefit from access to the well-established transport and logistics infrastructure, as well as raw material suppliers.

We have an in-house creative and an R&D department that collaborate with our leading international high-end brand customers in their product development process. Our in-house creative department is responsible for the production of prototypes from design concepts, while our R&D Center is responsible for researching and implementing manufacturing technology. These two department are involved in each product we produce and work closely together to design, research and develop private label handbags and small leather goods for a well-known chain store in the Europe, United States, Middle East and Vietnam.  Many of department experts have significant industry experience, which enhances our ability to collaborate with our customers in their product development process.  We also engage a design team from a design studio based in Europe to provide design concepts to us from time to time for our consideration and use.