• Autron Indusry

From Trader to Manufacturer

We start our own factory in 2006, we’re not big on time. What makes us to start our own factory , from a small trading company, is because at that time, we tired of most of Chinese factories hasty and careless when we give customer’s order to them. Everyday we struggling with the quality issues and communicate with them, and most of time we're dissatisfied at  those factories. 

We thirst for the perfect, stable quality and communications,  we start to trying invest and operate our own factory, locating to industry chain - Huadu. From a trader switch to a manufacturer, we adhere our original intention to today. We have a numerous partner and the competitive strengths  belong to us. Ten years before when we are a trader, we good at communications with customers, what they want are exactly what we wants. But when we think as a manufacturer, except the perfect quality control, we understand what makes manufcturere and customer link up and grow together, is ability of creative, customer oriented  and commercialization.

Autron Factory