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2018 Vegan Cork Design Bags

VEGAN PETA APPROVED Cork is better known as Nature’s own leather, cork has many advantages over the animal hide variety. Aside from the very obvious and evidently very important factor of being cruelty free, it is the ultimate Eco-fabric with a list of qualities that seem almost to good to be true. Used today by many top fashion designers, Cork has today an important place in fashion and fashion accessories. The amazing Cork Leather is 100 per cent natural, and made from a renewable source, cork is fully recyclable. It is durable; it could last as much as 20 years without signs of deterioration, and is resilient to scratches. Cork is waterproof, fire-resistant and flame retardant. It is insulating, hypoallergenic, stain resistant and dirt repellent. It doesn’t fade and is not marked by water. Cork By Design is proud to make high-quality craftsmanship Handbags and Wallets made of 100 % genuine Cork.